We were briefed to handle the entire sound project, audio and music, for AMV’s global TV campaign to launch Blackberry’s new Z10 smartphone. The spot tracks a series of protagonists moving through a variety of scenes, designed to replicate the sliding features of the phone’s operating system, and the sound bed needed to support this effect.

Key to anchoring the sound was finding a great track that had a purposeful and driving rhythm, and would resonate with Blackberry customers all over the world. Our recommendation of ‘Elephant’ from Tame Impala’s most recent and acclaimed album was unanimously liked and with the sync in place, the rest of the audio production followed neatly.

Creative Directors: John LeMacchia & Simon Foster
Creatives: Zac Ellis & Richard Littler
Agency Producer: Nick Godden
Production Company: Thomas Thomas
Director: Kevin Thomas
Producer: Philippa Thomas
Post House: The Mill
Editor: Scott Craine