Churchill does get out and about! In this latest online offering from WCRS he finds himself in a quarry witnessing a brave lady leaping from one car heading towards a large, car destroying hole, to another, altogether safer car, all in one seamless and beautifully choreographed move. Oh yes!!

There wasn’t any location sound, so Nick built the audio from the quarry up, so to speak. The critical part was, of course, the leap from one car to the other. The music was edited to get an intro, a kick point when we first see the car in close up and then a natural build to the break. The fun was playing with the suspense of the break to elevate the jeopardy and thrill of the jump. Abstract sound design, together with echo, phasing and sub bass gave the moment the required punctuation allowing the music to re-kick off when our heroic driver successfully lands in the other car and drives off past good old Churchie sitting aloft on his mound of conveniently placed rubble. As always, a hugely enjoyable, collaborative effort with the lovely WCRS bods.