Cast your minds back to this time last month… the discussion of Christmas card ideas had taken over the Angell office. What do we do? How can we make it original to Angell Sound? How do we make it funny yet festive? A lot of great ideas were thrown out and, but in the end, we turned to our friend and brilliant cartoonist Simon Pearsall.



With twenty years’ experience working in the corporate and business sector, Simon’s work has appeared in numerous house-hold named magazines such as The Spector, and The Oldie as well as having a regular cartoon, ‘First Drafts’, in the Private Eye on Literary review page since 2002.

Having witnessed the fine work of Simon first hand, it is not hard to see why he is an award-winning cartoonist and illustrator. Witty and simplistically detailed, Simon’s work really does come alive in front of your very eyes, whether you can hear the clicking of buttons and voice over takes being re-recorded in our Christmas card, or the awkward silence that follows on from the small talk in the picture below. Simon has an art of capturing the moment.




What really makes Simon good at what he does is that first and foremost he understands and is able to tailor his work to fit your needs. Not one cartoon or illustration is the same, yet all have a clear Simon Pearsall je ne sais quoi to them. To top it all off Simon is a lovely man and a pleasure to work with!