Are you ready to spend a night at the Oscars? The nominees for the 91st edition were announced on Tuesday morning, and in only a couple of days the internet has exploded with predictions, bets and a few expressions of disappointment for those fans whose favourite films didn’t make the cut.

Today, we decided to share a few of our predictions with you, so here they are!

Those categories that we simply cannot call…

 No prediction would be a bad one when it comes to all the prestigious names in the running for the Best Director award. Amongst them we have Spike Lee for ‘BlacKkKlansman’, Adam McKay for ‘Vice’, and Pawel Pawlikowski for ‘Cold War’.

And how could we possibly pick the winner for Visual Effects? This year we have been spoiled with vibrant life-like effects, such as ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’.

Even our experts in the field of sound found it difficult to guess the best sound editing between the films nominated. ‘A Quiet Place’, ‘First Man’ and ‘Black Panther’ all equally deserve their moment of glory!


Who we think should have made the cut… 

You might be as surprised as us that ‘Beautiful Boy’ didn’t make the cut, especially considering the brilliant performance of Timothée Chalamet as a supporting actor.

In addition to this one, many people felt angered on Twitter over there being only two nominations for ‘Mary Queen of Scots’: Makeup/Hairstyling and Costume Design.

And… what happened to last summer’s box-office wonder, ‘Crazy Rich Asians?’. I believe we were all expecting at least a one nomination for it, if not for the director and actors, at least for the spectacularly lush scenery and costumes.


 Who we think is going to win…

Categories apart, there is no doubt that a couple of films this year speak for themselves.

Already with two Golden Globes in their pockets, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and Rami Malek may have a good chance to bring home at least another trophy.

Or maybe this time, the Cooper-Gaga team will be (deservedly) ‘lucky’ enough to win a prize for one of the main categories with ‘A Star Is Born’.

Among the most acclaimed this year we also have ‘Black Panther’, the first superhero movie ever nominated for best picture.


It’s time to make your predictions now, and do not forget that the Oscars will air live on the 24th of February on Sky. The red carpet arrivals will start around 12am UK time, while the actual ceremony will begin at 1.30am.

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