Have you ever found yourself organising a meeting with a no-longer-seen friend, dreaming of a perfect evening to catch up? You find the best restaurant in the area and you can’t wait to tell her/him all the stories you have accumulated over the years. But as soon as you walk in… the music starts pumping into your ears and that thought of a nice quiet talk soon disappears.

But fear no more… or a little less!

Last April, Gregory Scott Farber launched SoundPrint, a new application that he likes to define as the “Yelp for noise”. SoundPrint allows you to discover the quieter venues around the area, covering about two thousand cities. This phenomenon, that originally started in New York City, bases its validity on the app’s internal decibel meter, that allows venue owners and users in the community to measure the actual noise level in the bar or restaurant, and submit the report to the SoundPrint database so that it’s accessible to everyone searching through the app.


SoundPrint Inside


Even if most of the reviews are still mainly based in the U.S.A., the application is already available in many countries and easy to download through the App Store. Now as a community member, you can help other people in England find their quiet spots by simply rating the places you have been to and measuring the decibels in the air.

You may think hearing loss is a normal part of ageing, like grey hair or difficult walking. But a series of studies published in the 1960s in isolated populations in Africa not exposed to loud noise, found that older people heard almost as well as younger people. So talk apart, it is really important that we all start protecting our ears now, and with SoundPrint we can start doing it even when it seems inevitable!


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