Our sound designers are highly experience professionals trained to strike their final score into the eyes, ears and hearts of the audience. It is a compelling role within the production process and many people aspire to becoming a sound designer. But we also know it’s not easy to get there, so we sat down with our resident audio experts to find out how they got into the business. We hope this gives you some inspiration and encouragement on your journey…


Nick Angell

Our managing director and sound designer Nick Angell has guided and developed Angell Sound since it first opened in 1979. Nick is renowned in this field for his radio work and has been involved in many projects that have won awards over the years. Indeed, his abilities for casting and directing voice over artists and actors go beyond expectation.

Although his original ambition was to work at Olympic Studios in Barnes, which was one of the most iconic music studios at the time, his first job was actually at Molinare, a recording studio company that specialised in making radio ads. As Nick told us, he didn’t even know this sort of studio facility existed, but he was lucky enough to start his career in a time when commercial radio was expanding at the rate of knots, so opportunity to learn and develop was there for everyone.

“After the inevitable tea making and quickly progressing to the traffic department, I got the opportunity to start learning the operation of the studios. My imagination and real love for the business truly exploded when I worked on some ads for Camping Gaz with the late, great Peter Sellers”.

They won numerous awards and helped put his name out there. More importantly, however, they set the path for a career that he continues to have huge enthusiasm for!

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Dave Robinson

Dave started his career at Angell Sound in 1998. Over the years he has honed his skills as both an inventive and technical sound designer for Cinema, TV, Online and Radio.

He grew up wanting to follow a career path down a more visual route – architecture, illustration, graphic design – as he had always had an interest in drawing. Then, during his teens, he discovered house music. Captured by this new passion, he eventually bought some decks and learned how to DJ. This inevitably led him to an interest in all tech audio related things.

“After completing a HND in Professional Sound & Video Technology at Salford University, I applied for any related job I could find. I eventually got a job as a runner here at Angell Sound and, 20 years later, I’m still here and still loving it just as much as I did back in 1998!”.

As well as heading up our Dolby 5.1 studio, Dave is also an experienced music composer and producer, adept at creating compositions for both production and commercial release.

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Tom Lane

Tom is the newest member of the Angell Sound engineering team, starting his career with us back in 2014. He started as a runner back in 2010 and has patiently worked his way up through the ranks.

“Choosing a career path is never easy as a youngster but, luckily for me, it was an easy decision to make. I just wanted to be immersed in anything that involved audio. As an audio engineer, being able to create audio content on a daily basis is a schoolboy ambition fulfilled”.

His passion for audio started during his time at The Islington Music Workshops studying Sound Recording & Music Technology.

At his saying, the multitude of different media platforms available today has had a huge impact on the content he creates in comparison to when he first stepped into Studio 1. Indeed, it is this variety that keeps him engaged in everything he does.

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