Angell Sound is delighted to be taking part in the APA’s Audio Post Production Workshop next week, which is aimed at Junior Producers coming up through the agency ranks.

As part of an esteemed panel of London’s studios and audiophiles, we will be discussing all things sound design, audio craft and how to get the most out of your budget. Angell Sound’s section ‘Casting & Directing Your Lovely Artistes’ will be led by our eminent leader Nick Angell, who will be sharing his stories and wisdom drawn from 30 years managing voices in the booth.

We are also thrilled to announce that the larger-than-life voice actor Lewis Macleod will be sharing the stage with Nick. Famed for his versatility and impressions, he has leant his vocal chords to productions ranging from Star Wars to Postman Pat and everything in between. Nick and Lewis have worked together countless times, and Lewis will provide an experienced and candid perspective from behind the mic.


The workshop is next week and if you still haven’t got tickets then please email kati@a-p-a.net to reserve your place.