We’ve seen some interesting new music products coming onto the scene this month that we wanted to share with you all. They seem to bring a new dynamic to products and brands that could potentially pave the way for the future of music gadgets… This week we have selected 3 of our favourites.

1. DIY Cardboard Musical Keyboard Kit KAMI-OTO


Cardboard keyboards are a thing, it’s official! This Kami-OTO DIY kit is based on Japanese origami, and is made up of a main board, silicon contacts and the cardboard keyboard itself. The unit connects to device over USB (and also via Bluetooth) taking no more than about half an hour to build apparently. We’re certainly intrigued by the concept of piecing together your own midi keyboard and would love to give this a try when it’s brought to retail in the future.

2. Aerodrums Air Drumming Percussion Instrument


This new virtual approach to musical instruments is something we’ve seen emerging onto the market more and more over the past few years, we are sure it’s something we’re going to be seeing a lot more of. This virtual percussion instrument claims to be ‘a legit instrument’ fully capable of producing convincing results… Aerodrums works with traditional drum sticks that have reflective balls at the tip and reflective panels that are attached to your feet. A camera then captures any movements made, allowing you to drum without a physical kit (and, when fed into headphones, without making any noise!).

The possibility of practising with a close replication of a drum kit without the hefty equipment is definitely a massive pro for all of us short of space at home. The kit appeared at Anaheim’s National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show this year with the majority of feedback reflecting that although they might not use the VR component themselves, they could see it being really useful for beginners and as a tool for delivering drum lessons.


3. Ikea and Teenage Engineering’s Music Product Collab

Although this new collection is a work in progress (set to be in stores early 2019), we can see this is set to be a revolution for furniture store giant Ikea’s approach to music products. In the upcoming collection FREKVENS, IKEA are exploring how to create new ideas for having fun together with Jesper Kouthoofd from Teenage Engineering. The collection will consist of products such as an electronic choir, vinyl player, party lighting and more products made to set your party alight. Judging from the lively party the new collaboration held in the video below, we’re expecting big things!