As 2017 begins to draw to a close, we felt it was a good time to look back and reflect on the variety of projects we’ve loved being a part of this year! This week we gave the engineers the difficult task of choosing one of their highlights from all their projects this year and it’s fair to say they were spoilt for choice.

Nick Angell
E45 - Champion The Uncomplicated

‘As part of this ‘Best of’ list I have selected a film for E45 as a piece of work that I feel hugely proud of. As part of the Reckitt Benckiser group, E45 have in recent years, gravitated towards creating a single campaign that would then be adapted and rolled out across various territories across the globe. This year however, the guys at Havas London came up with the idea of creating a single campaign that would be bespoke to the UK end elicited Olympic, Commonwealth and World Champion boxer Nicola Adams as brand ambassador. The result is an energetic new film that exudes Nicola’s charm and personality.’


Dave Robinson
Fashion Revolution – Loved Clothes Last

‘I’ve gone for the Fashion Revolution project from April as it was both creatively rewarding to work on as well as it being a film to help raise awareness of a worthy cause. I was given a nice, abstract sound design brief to work form as well as the freedom to experiment and just have a play around until the right thing developed. I think the combination of striking visuals, surreal music and unusual sound design makes for an interesting and effective film.’

Tom Lane
D&AD Awards

‘It was great fun and a huge honour to work on the D&AD Awards Ceremony this year. The brief was to supply the audio for 15 short pictures that accompanied each award being presented throughout the ceremony back in April.

All the pictures created by The Beautiful Meme were so striking and unique that constructing a sound scape from scratch for each of them was both challenging and rewarding. It’s always fun when you are able to get creative in order to fulfil the brief and I really felt I was given free reign to do so on this project.

From the beginning I was very aware of the space and the environment that the audio was going to be played in. An advertising awards ceremony was always going to be a rowdy affair so I had to keep that in mind at each stage of the creative process.

It was great to see that the awards were a huge success and I’m glad to have played a small part in helping make that happen.’

Tim O’Donoghue
Virgin 3 Minute Money – Life Insurance

‘I had great fun working on these Virgin 3 minute money guides with Tom and Nikita from AllTogetherNow. They managed to make a dry subject both interesting and amusing with a great script and VO and gave me plenty of laughs looking for cartoon sfx to punctuate the films.’