Engine’s WCRS and Partners Andrews Aldridge have created a podcast with writer, actor and creative director Sharon Horgan, as part of their campaign to promote the fourth Women Of Tomorrow Awards. The podcast was recorded and edited at Angell Sound.

The awards and the podcast are designed to inspire the next generation of female leaders within the advertising, media and marketing industries, getting them to step out of the shadows and seek acknowledgement for their achievements.

In Sharon Horgan they found the perfect ambassador. She is an award-winning director, recently launched her own production company Merman, and is extremely passionate about the subject. She certainly didn’t mince her words in the podcast: “I guess the advice is just be a pushy cow, don’t be afraid to learn on the job. Men aren’t afraid to do that.”

Angell Sound is absolutely thrilled to have been involved in this project and help contribute to this great cause in our own small way. We hope you enjoy the podcast as much as we did making it.


Source: CAMPAIGN article