Vinyl is officially back. It’s rise and rise out of the digital ashes, like a phoenix from the flames, has been well documented and welcomed in recent times. The BBC reported earlier this year that vinyl sales in the UK topped 3 million in 2016, the highest total in 25 years. This was a rise of 53% on the previous year and continued a trend of 9 nine years of consecutive growth since the nadir of vinyl sales in 2007.

For vinyl lovers like us, this is all music to our ears. So we were more than thrilled when this week we stumbled across the website VinylHub which has set out to “document every physical record shop and record event on the planet.” It comprises a really simple interactive map that users can explore to find the vinyl stores in their local area or anywhere abroad. What is even more exciting is that the platform is crowd-sourced so they are receiving new listings all the time and making their directory ever-more extensive.

Long may VinylHub continue in its quest and support the world’s ongoing love story with vinyl.

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