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The Cannes Lions Festival was last week, and there have been many worthy winners of the Grand Prix and Gold awards. Although it’s been difficult to pick, we have chosen three of our favourite winners from the festival.

Meet Graham – Transport Accident Commission Victoria – Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

This piece really captures you and is hard to forget, which is part of the idea behind Graham. Trauma Surgeon Christian Kenfield and Road Safety Engineer Dr David Logan collaborated with Artist Patricia Piccinini to show how humans would need to evolve to be able to survive a car crash, and the results are outstanding. Truly a remarkable piece of work. Well worth the 1 Grand Prix and 7 Gold Lions awarded so far across the categories.

We’re The SuperHumans – Channel 4 – Blink Productions
The iconic piece by Channel 4 to celebrate the Rio 2016 Paralympics is a worthy winner of two Gold Lions in the Film Craft category. The powerful ad showcases the talents of these superhumans, both in sport and in everyday life.

A Love Song Written By A Murderer – Vida Mujer Organization – Circus Grey Peru
Although it is sometimes difficult to watch ads in another language, this one is an exception. The message behind it really is quite chilling, but beautiful. Diego Dibos released his new single and it became immensely popular over the country, then he released the truth behind the lyrics. They are a word-for-word transcription of a letter written by a man who abused his wife. Just 6 days after receiving the letter and forgiving her husband, he brutally murdered her. Hundreds of women are murdered every year because they forgive their abusers, and this beautiful song has brought this tragedy to life.