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We have recently released the Sound With Vision project collab with Adam, and so we thought it fitting to have a sit down with him and find out more about The Daily Splice! Enjoy!

Who are you?

I’m Adam Hale, a collage artist based in London. In 2015 I began creating artwork using free magazines I collected on the commute to my day job as a marketing manager. I kicked off my Instagram feed ‘The Daily Splice’ and set out to upload a new piece each and every day! I’ve since amassed over 150,000 followers and have been lucky enough to work with the likes of Adidas, YouTube, Christian Louboutin, Coach, Elle US, W Mag, Viktor&Rolf and others from further afield.

Where did the idea to collage images from free London magazines come from?

Collage was one of the many mediums I explored as a student of Graphic Design. My course focussed on digital techniques but I felt I could express myself best when I created work by hand. Fast forward several years and I saw an opportunity to make something positive and permanent from the heaps of magazines that litter public transport in the capitol. There’s a constant flow of imagery from ad campaigns to fashion shoots and I’m never stuck for new material to manipulate.

Where do you get your inspiration for the collages?

It’s hard to pinpoint the source of my inspiration because my artwork just seems to happen! I flick through fresh magazines collecting anything that stands out and then elements start to work together until I’ve built something I’m happy with.

The aesthetic for The Daily Splice is really beautiful and distinctive, was your vision for the channel always clear or has this evolved over time?

I love simplicity and so my first ‘splices’ were fixed onto a plain paper background and I’ve never changed that. There are projects that take me away from the norm but it’s important to me that The Daily Splice feed remains consistent. On the other hand, I like to keep it fresh by creating a mix of pieces that could be described as beautiful, thought-provoking, whacky, or all three!

You recently started creating animated versions of your collages, what compelled you to do this and how have you found this process?

Several months ago I started experimenting with digital processes to see how I could take my work forward. I liked the way the images still appeared hand-cut but floated around the canvas as if they had a mind of their own. I’ve really enjoyed learning the basics of animation and I want to take it further; possibly a series of short, looping pieces or a full music video.

How have you enjoyed working with Angell Sound and bringing audio into your creative process?

It’s great working with the team at Angell Sound – we clicked straight away and I think that’s really benefitted the final outcome. My initial experiments were completely silent but with this project they’ve added an incredible new dimension to the work.

Where would you like to take The Daily Splice in the future?

There are so many things I want to do with The Daily Splice in 2017! I’ll be creating some digital work that compliments my back-catalogue, hopefully showcasing some of my best pieces, and will continue to push forward with animation because I believe I’ve only just scratched the surface.

Here are some of Adam’s favourite pieces, you can see these and more on his Instagram page The Daily Splice.