OK GO are famous for their music videos, in fact, some would say they are more famous for their videos than they are for their actual music. Over the years, they have set the bar so high with the creativity, innovation and ambition they put into their promos, we didn’t think they could possibly outdo themselves. How wrong were we! For their latest single ‘The One Moment,’ they released a video this week that might well be their best yet.

The entire action sequence, constituted of a lot paint explosions (what’s not to like already?!) takes place over 4.2 seconds. The genius behind the idea is that this incredibly brief course of events is then slowed down to synchronise with the 4+ minute music track. The result is a spectacular display of ingenuity, technical skill and pure joy, perfectly marrying colourful, kinetic visuals with the musical elements of the track. It is an audio visual experience of glorious harmony.

It came late in the year but it has instantly put itself in the running for the best music video of the year. Enjoy:

And whilst we are in the mood, disappearing down the rabbit hole of OK GO’s YouTube channel, here are some of their other greatest music video hits: