Boiler Room and Ballantine’s Scotch Whiskey have come together and created a track, documentary and hosted a Boiler Room party. The track was created by using sounds found in the city of Lisbon, which we think is a wonderful way to show the power of sound. The three part documentary looks into the people behind the music of Lisbon, and how the cultures, traditions and innovations of the city are shaping the music scene. The diversity of the city’s former slums which brought together Africa and Europe created a sound that couldn’t have existed in any other circumstance.

The track is a product of two of Lisbon’s most iconic producers, Branko and Batida, who despite shaping the sound of the city for years on their own have never worked in the studio together. After having a listen i’m sure you’ll agree that the collaboration between these two artists is genius. The pair recorded the sounds over one day in their home city and put them together to create the track, “Eletrico 15“.

This collaboration shows how complimentary brands working together can produce amazing content. These are just a few examples of brands, talent, and media owners coming together to create compelling music-led content. We constantly strive to ensure we engage our audience, and we know that the power of great sound and music is essential to creating captivating projects.

Take a look at part one of the three part documentary, and watch the rest here.

Boiler Room and Ballantine's present Stay True… by brtvofficial

Check out the full collaboration here.