A group of our talented and creative friends from Drum entered the Straight 8 film competition this year and we are very pleased to say that their film “Who Lives There At Night” made the London Selection shortlist. It was screened at the Vue cinema in Piccadilly, which was the first time the filmmakers saw the finished product, such is the nature of in-camera editing with a Super8.

Angell Sound are particularly excited about this project and the success of the film because we played a small role in it all. Our very own Tom Angell was one of the crew (keep an eye out for his bare chest in the film!) whilst our sound wizard Dave Robinson is responsible for recording the voice over and creating the moody atmospheric soundtrack.

We are very proud to announce that the 70s horror film inspired trailer has now been uploaded to Vimeo so you can all see this monstrous masterpiece. So without further ado, sit back and discover who lives there at night…

who lives there at night – a straight 8 film by drum from straight eight on Vimeo.

Made for Straight 8′s 2016 competition on one cartridge of Kodak vision3 200t super 8 film with only in-camera edits and no post-production.
Premiered on June 12th 2016 at straight 8′s Vue Piccadilly screening.
Straight 8 is open to anyone at straight8.net.