D&AD professional awards

We are absolutely thrilled that our industry’s leading creative awards D&AD has again appointed us to produce the sound for the Professional Awards in May 2016. Working in collaboration with our friends at The Mill, who are creating the animations for the stage idents & awards stings, we are of course tasked with delivering the sound design and music compositions.

This is the third year running that we have been involved in the legendary D&AD Awards. In 2014, The Mill and Dave worked together on the stunning award-winning animations.

Whilst last year Tom Lane got playful at the D&AD New Blood Awards when producing the audio for this charming series of animations inspired by classic games.

 For all the videos please click here

This year it is the turn of Tim O’Donoghue to take the audio reins and the project promises to deliver another feast for the eyes and ears of all the attending guests at the awards. The D&AD Awards is taking place on May 19th 2016. For more details go to www.dandad.org