Firstly, Happy Back to the future day everyone. Can you believe how the time has flown by? It feels like only yesterday when the mega blockbuster Back to the Future franchise debuted it’s sequel to the original. Today, however, happens to be the exact date that they travel in time, to the future.

Back to the future gif

Even though that’s awesome by it’s self. The best bit is how brands that were featured in the movie (and some not) are showing their homage to the forever young franchise. USA Today, Pepsi and Nike are all reproducing their products just like how they appeared in the film.

USA Today (the newspaper) will be creating the front cover as well as changing it’s logos for Wednesday and Thursday. Take a look…


Pepsi have created ads for print as well as TV spots for their product. They will be reproducing the Pepsi bottle that was featured in the film. But, unfortunately they’ve only made 6,500 of them. So chances are we aren’t going to see one. However, it’s still amazing nonetheless.

Nike have been boasting for a while now about remaking the Nike MAG’s that were created for the film. But it seems that maybe the wait is over, if we take their twitter account seriously.




And finally Toyota have created a commercial with none other than Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

Granted our future doesn’t have many of the things that were made famous in the film. Like the actual hoverboard and the food hydrator. But as least we can still dream and watch Back To The Future over and over again.