This week we’re featuring a Q&A with a company who are actually based inside the four walls of Angell Sound. So a big hello and welcome to the lovely people of Creative Outpost.

Without further ado, let’s meet their founder and principal partner, Danny Etherington.

Danny, how did you get started and what made you choose this profession?

I worked as a TV extra and tasted life on set. I wanted to learn more, but hadn’t a clue how. I watched the end credits on TV shows I liked and decided to write to the people who I’d hoped could help steer me in the right direction! This got me some great advice and I met some cool people. So I had a long list of London companies that might be hiring runners and then bombarded them with my CV. Needless to say I got to application 73, MPC…!

Tell us about your company.

Creative Outpost felt like a natural progression, career wise for my partners and I. We’ve had the pleasure to work with some wonderful people across this industry and it’s great when people come back and work with us again. We felt that we could improve things if we broke away from the traditional facility model and approached the job in a more free and creative way.

What three characteristics would you pick to define your company.

Flexible, Friendly and Competitive.

Tell us about the rest of the team and what their roles are.

Q (Partner and VFX Supervisor) is an old colleague and dear friend. We met 20 years ago at MPC. Our paths came full circle and Creative Outpost was born. Q has a deep knowledge of VFX composition aligned with the tech experience needed on set and off. He’s a South African who lives in Sweden, that works in London remotely!

Kathryn (Producer) is the kingpin of all our productions. She’s diligent, extremely thorough and keeps us calm when that deadline changes (as they tend to!).¬†She also knows exactly ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ in London on a daily basis. Out tonight? Consult our resident TimeOut magazine first.

Tim (Senior VFX Artist) packed his bags and came to London from his home town of Cardiff 2 years ago where he’d headed up (and grew) a post/production company. Used to working on projects from the early script stage, through the shoot and onto the screen, Tim has an experienced grounding in all aspects of productions and what makes them tech ( sorry tick!).

Andrew (Sys. Admin Guru) pushes the boundaries constantly above and beyond the realms. He relishes in challenging developers to move things forward quicker, faster, better. He truly is invaluable to the future of the industry and likes to test our knowledge on the kit too from time to time!

You talk about mobile solutions, tell us a bit more about that.

Mobile means that we can work remotely, on the move. This works for certain projects and means we can be more flexible with our time too. I was commuting on my train to work and needed to prep for my day (it’s a boring commute!). Using only my mobile phone, I accessed my Smoke (software) at the office, conformed multiple edits, checked them and was able to ‘harness the power of time’. I was ahead in my work before I even took one step through the studio doors. I could tell you about our other great solutions, but I won’t ramble on. It’s best to show you first hand what we can do! We have software solutions that bring together people on a project, from multiple locations into one ‘room’ that works perfectly as an interactive feedback session. Trust me, it’s great!

What excites you the most about your job?

When clients come back to work with us again.

What was your favourite project to work on? Or what might have been the most challenging job and how did you solve the problem?

Despite being relatively new, we’ve had some exciting times so far! Pitching and winning work from some of the larger facilities has been a fantastic boost. Watch this space!

And lastly…

What is your ultimate goal for the future in relation to your company or where do you see yourself in 7 years, in regards to your company?

We chose our company name for a simple reason. An Outpost can be a station anywhere in the world and is considered to be a pioneering one too. We aspire to be both of those. We wish to expand our network with more Outposts wherever they can prove to serve the clients most efficiently. I’m really excited by our future and the future of our industry and feel perfectly positioned to tackle the conditions ahead.


Meet the team (From Left: Tim Gaydon, Danny Etherington and Kathryn Wigginton)


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