We can’t get the point across enough, just how much we are in love with sound and anything that encompasses audio. So when we heard that there was talk of producing an audio only video game, our senses started tingling. Ok, truthfully, excitement dripped off of us.

A Blind Legend is a game that only uses audio to get through and complete the game. Yes, only with the use of your ears shall you progress further. In it, you assume the role of a knight whose eyes have unfortunately been gouged out. To add insult to injury the enemy have taken the knight’s lady and he now must start his journey only with the help of his auditory senses to claim vengeance on them.

This might be a hard concept to grasp at first, but after really thinking about it and trying out their demo you start to see their vision (no pun intended) with how such a game could work. What brings it home is the use of binaural sound that allows you to find your bearings in a 3D environment. And we at Angell Sound have developed a high level of expertise in the world of binaural sound .

The game found funding through Ulule and are looking to mass produce it in the very near future. If you are in search for more info, check out GOOD Magazine who have written an article all about it.


Below is a little clip from soundcloud that gives you a taster of what the game will sound like. So put your headphones in and hear the binaural sound at it’s best.

And finally, the following is how you would use your device for the game and what it would look like. Hint… Even the screen is black.



We are most interested to see how this game will progress in the future. It’s kind of different and we like it.