We as a society are moving at the speed of light when it comes to technology. So when an artist comes along and combines both light and the exploration of media and technology in an interesting way, one should take in the moment, savour it and admire the innovation. Light can be a harsh medium to work with. It can be sharp, crisp, make your surroundings feel barren and cold. But, it can also create a warmth, a homely feel and even a romanticised aura of softness. James Clar takes light and installation to a beautiful level by playing with colours, shapes and words to portray the effects that media and technology play¬† on today’s society. His work is modern, bold and clean.

Since we love technology, art, sound, music and installations we thought James Clar would be the perfect artist for our profile of the week.


Turbulence (2011) installation documentation from james clar on Vimeo.


For more information on everything James Clar you can check out his website here.