Ally Mobbs is a producer and sound artist from the UK who has emigrated to Kyoto, Japan.  Her latest project takes a turntable and transforms it in to an art installation piece. Each piece differs from the the last depending on the revolution speed that has been set. The needle is replaced with a pen and is then placed upon a white sheet of paper. As the turntable starts its motion, she (Ally Mobbs) moves the arm, revolution speed and let’s the pen take over the motion. Some pieces almost look geometrical, while others have a quiet chaos to them. The even more interesting thing about this piece is that once recorded a unique beat gets created from the turntable itself and not from a record. See the following clip:

Wouldn’t it be an an intriguing notion for one to think that you could eventually see music through art? Even though Ally Mobbs is physically changing the revolution speed herself in the video that she has posted (see below), it would be nice to see this progress even further.

Ally Mobbs will be at the Sight and Sound exhibition in Montreal, Canada. There, artists will come together to exhibit artwork, show their performance pieces all while being able to attend workshops and conferences.

Take a look at the following video about Ally Mobbs work and continue scrolling down to see some photos.

turntablism for the hard of hearing from Ally Mobbs on Vimeo.




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